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MDR TB Coordinator (Swat & Peshawar)

MDR TB Coordinator (Swat & Peshawar)


Job Title: DR-TB Coordinator
Responsible to: Programme Manager
Job Description in summary DR-TB Coordinator will assist the Project Manager in planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and reporting the project activities. Maintains close working relationship with the government authorities, civil society partners and other stakeholders as and when applicable, and focuses on achieving project goals and objectives.
Job description

DR-TB Coordinators will be located at DR-TB management centre established in a hospital. Will report to DR focal person in the hospital and project manager of the concerned organization. Will assist his supervisors and facilitate DR-TB clinical team to:

§  Plan, organize, implement and report DR project activities.

§  Maintains close working relationship with the hospital authorities, provincial TB programme and other stakeholders as and when applicable, and focuses on achieving project goals and objectives.

§  Provide support to the DR-TB management unit in providing quality services to the DR-TB patients that will include but not limited to patient registration, provision of second line anti-TB drugs, laboratory and social support and health education.

§  Support hospital and project staff in maintaining patient data and records in both hard and soft form compile data and prepare monthly and quarterly reports for further submission to the higher levels.

§  Facilitate internal and external referral linkages for the DR-TB patients at the hospitals and with the PTP approved DOTS plus clinics.

§  Evaluate DR-TB suspects and make necessary arrangements for treatment of diagnosed DR-TB Cases

§  Discuss and agree with the patients on the mechanisms for delivery of decentralized treatment for DR-TB at a convenient DOTS clinic for continuation of treatment.

§  Coordinate meeting with the selected DOTS clinic facility staff and DR-TB patient and finalize the arrangements for care delivery to patients.

§  Supervise relevant team members to conduct home visit of newly registered staff, do contact tracing and social profiling of DR-TB patient

§  Select and train suitable Treatment Supporter for each newly diagnosed DR-TB patient.

§  Ensure distribution of social support for the patient and treatment supporter. With the support of DOTS facilitator Social Support maintain record of the social support distributed to the patients and treatment supporters.

§  Liaise with staff at hospital and DOTS clinic, District TB Coordinator and treatment supporter, if needed.

§  Plan and participate in on the job and formal trainings organized by relevant health authorities.

§  Work together with the field and office staff for planning and implementation of the activity plans related to monitoring, supervision and training as per the requirement of the GF grant.

§  Arrange retrieval of unused drugs/ materials from DOTS clinic, in case patient dies or stop taking treatment.

§  Participate in periodic intra-hospital monitoring events.

§  Coordinate and assist in the, collection and sharing of relevant information and provide regular written and verbal reports to the relevant supervisors.

§  To prepare and timely submit activity reports/monitoring tools to the director/project manager.

§  Manage to retrieve the patient who miss his/her treatment when fail to visit PMDT site on regular intervals.


MBBS, PMDC registered, with minimum 2 years’ Clinical experience in General Medicine/Chest diseases from a recognized Institution of Pakistan. Candidates with Post graduation in Chest Disease will be given preference.

Good communication skills both written and verbal in English are highly desired. Candidate must understand and speak local languages. Computer skills are prerequisites for this position.


§  Proven representation skills.

§  Experience in team management.

§  Humanitarian motivation.

§  Excellent written and communication skills.

§  Proficiency with Microsoft Office will be an added benefit.

§  Ability to work-proactively in a team and perform tasks independently within a set framework of responsibilities and assignments.

§  Ability to develop and maintain efficient working relationship among project staff and recipients of assistance.


§  Minutes of the meetings.

§  Field visit and M&E reports.

§  Quarterly progress reports.

§  Up-dated Electronic Nominal Registration System (ENRS) on monthly basis.

§  Training reports


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