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DOTS Facilitator Case Management (Abbottabad)

DOTS Facilitator Case Management (Abbottabad)

Job Title: DOTS Facilitator Case Management
Objectives To enhance the capacity of health sector to detect and manage 80% of the estimated Drug Resistant TB incident cases by year 2015
Working area MDR TB Management Centre
Effort involved 100%



Job Title: DOTS Facilitator Case Management
Responsible to: MDR TB Coordinator
Job Description in summary DOTS Facilitator case management will assist MDR TB coordinator in managing, registration reporting and recording MDR TB patients. Responsible for educating MDR TB patient and treatment supporter on DOT.
Job description The main responsibilities will include assisting the hospital team to:


§  In management of MDR TB patients per the National MDR TB guidelines

§  Assist MDR TB coordinator in the assessment and registration of MDR TB patients

§  Assist in the maintenance of electronic (ENRS) and manual Register of MDR-TB patients.

§  Arrange second line drugs (SLDs) with the support of MDR TB coordinator and clinical specialist from the National / provincial TB control programmes

§  Arrange / make available printed recording and reporting tools for registered MDR-TB patients in the respective hospital.

§  Educate newly registered and follow-up MDR-TB patients, as per program guidelines.

§  Facilitate patient access to laboratory and other clinical departments for tests and expert consultations.

§  Refer patients to pharmacy / drugs store for monthly supply of 2nd line drugs and maintain records.

§  Maintain individual patient records/files,

§  Identify and retrieve (in coordination with treatment coordinator) the delayed patients.

§  Prepare monthly and quarterly reports (MDR-TB 07, 08, 09)

§  Participate in periodic intra-hospital monitoring events.

§  Participate in on the job and formal trainings organized by Organization/ PR/ GF on the case management

§  Maintain close and effective working relationship with the hospital management for the implementation of project activities

§  Undertake such other duties, training and/or hours of work as may be reasonably required and which are consistent with the general level of responsibility of this job.

§  Undertake health and safety measures required with the post and/or as detailed in the programme guidelines

Qualifications and experience §  Minimum graduate / paramedic / nurse with at least 3 years of experience in case management of TB / leprosy / rehabilitative health services and data management
Skills §  Flexibility to work in multi-disciplinary team and in difficult situation

§  Humanitarian motivation

§  Fluency in local languages (Urdu & Pushtu)

§  Good communication skills

§  Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office will be an added benefit

§  Ability to develop and maintain efficient working relationship among project staff and recipients of assistance

Deliverables §  Patients record in electronic and manual registers / cards / files

§  Monthly /Quarterly reports i.e MDR TB, 07, 08 and 09


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