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District Coordinator (Bajaur)

District Coordinator (Bajaur)

Job Title: District Coordinator
Reports: Program Manager
Location: Target District: 100% field based position
Job Summary


General: The district coordinator will be over all responsible and supervising Malaria project at district level. The position is fully based in field, at the DHO/Agency surgeon office building and might be sharing office space with DMU/malaria staff. He/she will be coordinating, liaison, attending/organizing meetings, supply chain, field visits etc. The district coordinator will also supervise 1 BCC officer, 1 logistics officer and a security guard. This position is directly reporting to the Programme Manager.
Key Responsibilities

Program Section: District Coordinator is responsible for functionality of all supported malaria public and private centers, LLINs distributions, BCC and malaria outbreak responses.

·         Make sure all supported HFs have screening and treatment facilities available all time. Regularly coordinate and liaise the Organizational programme with the District Health Management team and Health Facility Focal persons.

·         Increase good PR with other stakeholders (NGOs, DC and other local authorities.)

·         Monitor malaria progress, discuss it with DHO team and find joint solutions.

·         Finalise activities work plans (weekly/monthly/quarterly) in consultation with district DMU in charge and health facility focal persons (FPs).

·         Share and obtain approval for all WPs from the DHO office.

·         Progress reports are regularly shared with the DHO/Agency surgeon team.

·         All types of documentation organised in files and kept in the district office.

·         Activity WPs along with hard/soft copies and supporting documents, are submitted to Head Office not later than 22nd of every month for the next month.

·         Monthly Progress Report are shared with office by 12th of every month for the last month, along with the supporting documents.

·         Make sure 100% functionality of all health facilities in the district/agency.

·         Through data Compilation, validation and analysis of all FM tools (FM-1, FM-2) and finalize the FM-3

·         Ensure timely submission of all required databases (MIS, Training, BCC, LLIN and field monitoring visit reports) within stipulated time frames.

·         Make sure implementation of all BCC activities and assess and make recommendation in selection of advocates for BCC activities.

·         Forecast training needs of health care providers. Organise and help in conducting trainings for HCPs on malaria case management, RDT/microscopy and BCC.

·         Prepare or contribute to monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports.

·         Positively respond to feedback from Head Office and issues are addressed.

·         Positively and timely answers emails.


MIS Section:

·         Responsible for Collection, Collation and Entry of monthly FM2 reports in FM-3 and DHIS-2 on Monthly Basis (Error Free Data Entry).

·         FM2 reports are cross checked with the DMU in charge, before 15 of each month.

·         Submit hard copies of FM-2 & FM-3 reports to Head Office after cross checking with DMU Incharge and MEAL Officer on Monthly Basis (Till 12th of next Month).

·         Assist in data verification, correction, validation is carried out at the district and HF level and in ‘’ Quarterly Coordination Meetings’’.

·         Make sure all field M&E visits are reported into FM-2, FM-3 and DHIS-2.

·         Make sure stock ruptures i.e. ‘’days of stock out’’ are correctly reported in FM-2, FM-3 and DHIS-2.

·         Any other database or formats are updated or reported as per Organization guidelines.

M&E Section:

·         Monthly quality M&E visits to be conducted as per the approved Plan (Target vs Actual Visits Conducted) and database along with Hard and Soft copy to be submitted to Head Office on Monthly Basis (Last Working Day of the Month).

·         M&E Findings to be shared with DHMT through proper letter

·         Follow up on the issues found during Monitoring by MEAL Officer, DMU Incharge, Desk Review, Central team visits and quarterly coordination meetings with proper documentation shared in Hard and Soft to M&E Department.

·         100% of the Health facilities to be monitored in 6 Months.


Logistic Section:

·         Supervise District Logistics officer for his day to day logistics related activities.

·         Make sure AMDs, RDTs, Lab consumables and stationery are available in enough quantities at health facilities and District Store levels

·         Make sure all stock records and inventory are maintained.

·         Reconcile & validate stock supplies in FM-2 & FM-3 formats in accordance with district store outward register & waybills

·         Monitoring of district store on monthly basis

·         Supervise physical verification of stock & verify the waybill/stock register of district store on monthly basis.

·         Supervise follow-up of timely re-collection/shuffling of short expiry stock from health facilities for utilization within their shelf life

·         Supervise physical verification of Assets/Inventory of district store on quarterly basis, and same physical verification of assets/Inventory at health facility level during the M & E visits.

·         Check & verify all kind of expenses e.g. Transportation Bills, Office Utilities/stationery bills, BCC activity bills before submission to head office.

·         Recommend renovations, physical rehabilitation of HFs and laborties.

BCC Section:

·         Supervise district BCC officer for Advocacy and BCC sessions.

·         Ensure timely submission of BCC work plan, documents and data base.

·         Ensure 100% Targets achievement in Advocacy and BCC sessions through BCC officer.

·         Ensure the correct participant for Advocacy and BCC sessions as per SOPs shared by Donor.

·         Properly check and verify all BCC documents and submit final documents to head Office.

·         Conduct organizations-wide training needs assessment and identify skills or knowledge gaps that need to be addressed.


Finance Section:

·         Verification of Documents as per requirement.

·         Timely submission of all documents.

·         Overwriting, Cutting, erasing is not allowed in documents on time of submission.

·         Clearing of financial advances within the same month.

HR Section:

·         Maintain HR register in the Field. Also timely forward Time Sheets of Staff as well as Leave record to HR department.

·         Supervise 1 BCC officer, 1 logistics officer and 1 security guard.

·         Discuss issues/complains of field staff with HR department.

·         Any other task assigned by the line manager.

Person Specifications (Requirements):


Essential: The candidate must have

·         Master degree in Sociology or equivalent fields

·         5 years working experience (in management, coordination job)

·         Good report writing experience.

·         Excellent practical computer skills with proficiency in Microsoft office.

·         Must speak Pashto


·         Presence will be given to candidates possessing technical knowledge and experience in entomology or other medical faculties or worked as polio supervisor).

·         Fluency in written and spoken, Pashto, Urdu and English.

·         Experience of working with district authorities, local/INGOs.

·         Has ability to work under pressure.



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